Over Zaffy’s lifetime, Zaffy has worked in various jobs in the building trade, the hospitality industry and has owned and managed a VW wrecking / scrap yard.

Since diagnosis, Zaffy has worked toward raising awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism. In Australia, Zaffy organised art exhibitions showcasing autistic people’s art, undertook a tour of speaking engagements with Wenn Lawson and produces artworks and t-shirts which promote autism awareness.

Since moving to the UK, Zaffy has built a busy and successful career. He works in support of people with a learning disability and those on the autism spectrum and is set up as a self-employed consultant on autism. Z does keynote talks for conferences and academic courses, trains staff and parent groups, offers face to face and email consultation.

To hear Zaffy relate this story to YOUR learning needs, book Z to talk at your conference, group or to provide a tailor made 1:1 consultation.